Agricultural/Animal Related Projects

Farm Discovery - Animal and Dairy & Foods Processing Center
Agricultural & Environmental Education Program
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Farm Discovery was proposed as a consolidated facility with three educational components clustered around a working central yard -- like a farmstead.  The design intent was to nurture hands-on learning for K - 12 students with each component reflecting agricultural traditions along with the most forward thinking about animal agriculture, sustainability, architecture and place making. Functionality, cleanliness, and animal and student health are of primary concern. The architecture was proposed to be an integral part of the learning experience with interpretive graphics to explain why the buildings are designed the way they are and how they operate and function as sustainable buildings.

Purina Farms
Gray Summit, Missouri

Programming, site design, architecture and exhibits for a visitor center/interpretive-complex at the research farms of the Ralston Purina Company on a farm 45 miles west of St. Louis.  Purina Farms is a special place to celebrate the relationship between humans and domestic animals through an experiential hands-on learning environment for people of all ages.  The architecture is based on historic immigrant French farm buildings in the region.  The project received two honor awards from AIA Minnesota.

Agricultural Operations Management Center
University of Minnesota
Crookston, Minnesota

The Agricultural Operations Management Center required site planning, storm water management, and architectural design for this multi-building livestock management teaching complex.  The facility includes several working farm buildings for horses, beef, sheep and swine, as well as offices, classrooms and a show arena.  The architecture uses metal siding and roofing to create a low horizontal expression reflecting the open prairie of the Crookston region that sits on the bottom of ancient Lake Agassiz.  The project received an honor award from the AIA Minnesota.

Agricultural Science and Industry Facility
Penn State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

The multi faceted project is located on the northern edge of the Penn State Campus and consists of a series of specialized buildings for poultry and dairy research and teaching.  The architecture of the dairy and poultry complex is constructed of highly functional, climate controlled, metal skinned buildings organized around a central open space.
Historic examples of Penn State agricultural facilities were used to create the design aesthetic.  John Haas Associates of Collage Park were associated architects on the project.

International Wolf Center
Ely, Minnesota

This building is a nationally recognized center for information about the wolf, its habitat, and its mythological and actual relationship with humans.  Massing and broad roof overhangs represent the area's many wilderness lodges.  Stepped roof forms, windows (eyes), and dormers (ears) symbolize a wolf pack running through the forest.  Inside, a ramped circulation spine leads from the human habitat, through the 'forest' (diagonal cross bracing), to wolf habitat.  The project has received several awards including one from the Smithsonian Institute.

Animal Education Center
Agricultural & Environmental Education Program
Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pennsylvania

The proposed Animal Education Center will remodel an historic 1860's stone farm house with a new addition to provide a unique teaching facility with both small and large animals for hands-on learning experiences and student projects.  Located along Skanowunde Creek it will enhance connections along existing environmental study areas between the Horticultural and Environmental centers of the Agricultural & Environmental Education Program (AEE).  The new center will provide for easier movement of students, sharing of resources, and staff collaboration.  It will be a high performance facility using a water turbine, wind generator and photovoltaic solar collectors to be very energy efficient with monitors to be a building that teaches as well as learns.